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Products FAQ

What is Wynbee smart home security system?

How to install Wynbee smart devices?

Is a smart phone necessary to use this system?

Can I disable specific sensors?

What happens if I activate the alarm system while a window/door that has a sensor attached to it is not closed?

What if I want to add additional sensors in the future that are about to launch? How easy would it be?

Will I receive notifications if my devices are disconnected or if the battery is low?

 How easy is it to move the products from one place to another?

On what power source do the Wynbee wireless products run?

Will the installation of Wynbee smart security system change anything at my Home/Office?

Is there a monthly subscription?

Is an active internet connection required all the time?

Shipping & Payment

How can i track my order & shipment?

How do i cancel my order before i make a payment?

How many day's it take for refund?

How long will it take for my order to arrive after i make payment?

How do you ship my order?

What are the payment methods available?

How can i return the products?

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