About Us


Wynbee is a company providing home security solutions. Driven by the force of providing that much-needed leap for India to advance in the home security sector, we aim to come up with quality devices that are reliable, easy to use and most of all, affordable.

We have a range of products in our line up, each serving a different purpose than the other, and each supplying the various features that you truly need for home security. Feel free to choose your desired devices from our assorted range of products. Wynbee is a name you can always place your trust on.


Home security in current times is offered at a hefty price. Our aim is quite simple; provide the best home security available, at most affordable price. We understand the needs and the limitations of the society well and keeping that in mind, we have designed our products which are both pockets as well as consumer friendly. Providing easy to use features and hassle free installation setup, our products are sure made to live up to customer expectations.